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Bank of India Balance Enquiry By Missed Call

Team / February 15, 2018

You may be looking for Bank of India Balance Enquiry Number Online and wanting to check BOI Bank Balance Enquiry using Toll Free Number.

We know that Just like every company has their own customer care number so has Banks. Even Every bank provide toll free account balance enquiry number to their customers.

Today we are going to share Bank of India Account Balance Enquiry Toll Free Number in this article so that you can check balance in account online.

We have gone through so many blogs over the Internet promising to provide you BOI toll free number for balance enquiry but most of them were not correct when we checked that number personally.

Then, we contacted know person who has account with Bank of India so that they can tell us right BOI Balance Enquiry Number.

So we will not waste your time telling what Bank of India is and how many bank branches It has in India. How much is customer satisfied with Bank ?

Because it does not matter. Let’s move to next part and know right bank of india balance enquiry toll free number. And then you can make call to them for same.

There are three ways which you can use to check Bank of India Balance enquiry :

How to Get BOI Balance Enquiry Through Missed Call ?

How to register for BOI Mobile Banking ?

How to Activate BOI SMS Banking Services ?

Above is only information you will be in need for checking BOI bank balance enquiry. So let’s start with How to check Bank of India Account balance.

How to Check BOI Account Bank Balance through Missed Call ?

Bank of India has also launched toll free number for balance enquiry for their customers. It provided two toll free balance enquiry no for their customer.

BOI Balance Enquiry Missed Call Number : 09015135135

You can give miss call to above metioned number to check BOI Account balance online. After giving missed call to Bank of India, you will get an SMS about balance in your bank account.

There are two more BOI Toll free number for balance enquiry :



If you want to check yourself Bank of India Call Center Numbers then you can check official document of it. Click Here

How to Register for Bank of India Mobile Banking ?

One of the easiest way to activate BOI SMS Banking service is going to respective bank branch and fill application form for Mobile Banking. It is easy because you can get help from bank staff for filling form.

You can also activate SMS banking service through Internet Banking.

If you are Internet Banking user then you may know how to locate SMS banking option but those who do not have much knowledge on same can follow below guide.

To register for mobile banking, you need to follow steps given below :

Step 1: Once logged into Internet banking Account. Go to ‘ Request ‘ Menu and click the link “BTM Mobile Banking”.

Note : BTM Mean Banking through Mobile. So don’t be confused about what BTM is.

Step 2: New Screen will appearing with three option.

  • Enroll for Mobile Banking
  • Modify existing Mobile Banking Request
  • Enable transaction password for Mobile Banking

Step 3: Now, You can enroll yourself for mobile banking service by clicking on ‘ Enroll For Mobile Baking.

Step 4: Once you enrolled successfully, you will receive SMS to inform you about BTM User ID.

How to activate BOI Mobile Banking ?

After installation of BOI Mobile Banking App, you will need to send an SMS from your registered mobile number by typing message ‘ starotp ‘ to 9810558585 .

You will receive the OTP which you will then need to enter in your mobile app to set your MPIN ( Four digit number ).

You are almost done as now you have BTM username ID and MPIN for logging into your mobile banking account. You can change MPIN whenever you want to.

That is what you need to do to check bank of India balance enquiry using toll free number and SMS mobile banking services. If there is something else which you want to know then leave your comment below.

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