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6 Tips For Safe Internet Banking

Team / March 14, 2018

Internet banking is one of the easiest way available to us for making bill payments, transferring fund and checking account balance etc. It let us do things for which we often have to visit the bank. So, Online banking helps us doing every possible task over Internet without needing to go to the bank for same work. You can avoid long queue in the bank and make your payment, if any , using Internet banking.

We knows that it’s fastest and easiest way of banking from anywhere. But, everything has it’s own pro’s and con’s. So has Internet banking that with easiest way, risk also come when you login your account online.

How Fraudsters Gets Access To Your Account ?

Risk is of fraudsters who may try to deceive you into giving them your personal and security details. Fraudsters takes your Internet banking details by some Trojan viruses and phishing emails. Let’s learn in details what are this ways and how they take away your money.

Trojan : It is an internet virus that is installed automatically in your computer while browsing internet or downloading from unsecured websites.Once a Trojan is installed in your system, then it starts monitoring your online activities and steals sensitive information for instance passwords and credit card numbers etc.

Phishing Emails : These are fraudulent email that seems to be came from the authorized company/bank. It is also like Trojan, what it does is get installed like spyware that reads sensitive information including passwords and PINs.

6 Tips For Safe Internet Baking

Now that you know how can your sensitive information be accessed by fraudsters, You must take care of software you install in your devices and website link you open from email you received from unauthorized channel. Anyway, we also shared safety tips for Internet Banking which you should read. Let’s begin.

1. Do not use public computers

Yes, This is first mistake most of people do and then do complaint about their account getting hacked but their account is accessed just because of little awareness. So, you should always avoid using public computers in cyber cafes for logging into your bank account. Cafes are often crowded and there are chance that anyone can see some sensitive information such as your username and passwords.

If in case you have no other option to use Internet banking other than cafe. Then you must be aware that you clear the cache and browsing history and delete if you save anything related to your bank account in that computer.

Last but not the least, Never ! Never let the browser to remember your username and password.

2. Do not share banking details

At any cost, you should not share anything that is related to your online account with anyone. You may get phone call who claims to be calling from the bank but fact is that even bank employee can not ask bank’s customer their confidential information if they do then you can avoid sharing same and simply disconnect phone call.

3. Keep checking your account

It does not take much time checking in your account to know when and how much money is withdrawal from your bank account and the way used in withdrawing money. That is just to let yourself aware or verify amount deducted from your account. If in case you see any discrepancies then inform the bank immediately.

4. Change your password regularly

When you apply or activate Internet banking account then you gets login credential for logging into your online banking account. So, first thing you should do is to change that password to easy to remember but difficult to guess because your password should be too strong.

Once you change password, just keep it confidential at all times and if possible keep changing it at regular intervals.

5. Always use licenced anti-virus software

You should only use licenced anti-virus to protect your computer from new virus like Trojan. You may get pirated or outdated anti-virus softwares but those are not capable of protecting your computer from any virus. So, your anti-virus should always be updated to make sure that your banking details are protected from any kind of virus.

6. Official Website

You should always check website in the address bar of the browser before entering username and password to login into your account.

There are some cases in which fraudsters send you phishing email along with phishing links that looks like the bank’s official website.So, you should check website you are at is original or not. Even you should check ” https:// ” in the URL and official bank’s website.

this are thing which you should remember while using your internet banking account. Be safe and stay in touch with us for more banking tips.

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