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Generate SBI ATM Pin Through SMS, ATM & App

Team / April 20, 2018

State Bank of India has launched SBI Green PIN Service in the year 2016 that helps Customers to generate sbi atm pin by SMS, IVR, Debit Card, Internet Banking etc.

You may know that when ever SBI issue Debit Card to any customer then it is delivered deactivated that is to be activated by customer later manually. It mean you need to activate sbi debit card by generating ATM PIN.

And How come will you generate SBI ATM PIN Online ?

7 Way Generate SBI ATM PIN For Debit Card

We already know that there are many SBI Customer who do not know about SBI ATM PIN Generation. If you are one of them and looking for steps to generate SBI Debit Card pin then we must say that you are on RIGHT PAGE. We have made it so easy that you will not need to go elsewhere to activate SBI Debit Card. Let’s start our Guide to Generate SBI ATM Pin.

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Let’s start our Guide to Get SBI ATM PIN.

How To Generate ATM PIN For SBI Debit Card Through SMS ?

We are starting this article with most easiest way to Generate SBI ATM PIN By SMS. Anyone who has very least knowledge of using ATM can also successfully use this step for SBI Debit Card Activation.

Step 1 : Send an SMS to 567676 from registered mobile number in the following format.

PIN <CCCC> <AAAA>’ (PIN space CCCC space AAAA)

Note : You need to replace CCCC with the last four digits of your SBI Card Number and AAAA with the last four digit of your SBI Account Number.

Step 2 : After sending an SMS as said above, you will get an OTP that is one time password valid for 24 hours. You will have to use received OTP to change atm Pin through ATM Machine.

SBI ATM Pin Generation Through IVR.

You can also generate SBI Debit Card Pin through IVR which stands for Interactive Voice Response. You just need to follow steps given below.

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Step 1 : Make a call to SBI Contact Centre Number 1800 112 211 or 1800 425 3800 from registered mobile number.

Step 2 : During call, Enter SBI ATM Number when asked by them.

Step 3 : Similarly, Enter SBI Account Number.

Step 4 : You will receive an OTP which you can use to generate sbi atm pin.

Steps to Activate SBI Debit Card online

Most of loves Internet Service so is Internet banking and those who have received their SBI ATM Card and want to activate it may follow given steps for SBI Debit Card Activation.

  • Go to the official website of State Bank of India.

  • Enter username and password to Login. ( Note : If you have not created account then you should before heading to next step )
  • Locate ” e-Service ” and click on it.
  • Click on ” ATM Card Activation ” and then follow New ATM Card Activation.
  • Choose your SBI Account from drop down menu.
  • Enter SBI ATM Card Number and click on ” Activate ” .
  • After that, Your SBI ATM will be activated in second.

Steps to SBI ATM Pin Generation Online.

If your SBI Debit Card is activated or you have activated it and want to generate SBI ATM Pin Online then Just follow steps.

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  • Visit SBI Official Website.
  • Log in to your SBI Internet Banking Account.
  • Click on ” e-Servcies ” and locate ” ATM Card Services ” .
  • Click on ” ATM PIN Generation ” from ATM Card Service Tab.
  • You will be asked to enter OTP Which you will receive on registered mobile number.
  • Then choose account and ATM Card from drop down menu.
  • You will need to enter your desired first two digits. The last two digits will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • After entering your desired digit and received two digit, click on ” Submit ” .
  • You are done. You can use your SBI ATM Card with PIN which you have entered above before submitting.

How To Generate SBI ATM Pin By visiting Branch ?

Another way to SBI ATM Pin Generation that is ” Install SBI Anywhere App ” from play store.

  • Be aware, Before installing SBI App make sure that it is official.

  • After installing it, Click on ” Debit Card Service ” .
  • Click on ” Manage Debit Card ” .
  • Choose SBI Account and ATM Card.
  • Now you can make change in your Card.

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Steps to SBI ATM Pin Generation Online From App ?

If you are not aware of using Internet Banking or also not getting PIN at registered mobile number then there is only one way left for you that is to go to nearest SBI Bank Branch. You can get a PPP kit from the branch along with your SBI ATM Card. You will just need to fill form for Pre Printed Pin (PPP) kit and then submit same with a photocopy of your Identity proof.

That’s Steps to Generate SBI Debit Card Pin. If you have any doubt then let us know below in comment.

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